The Great Bumble Bee Christmas Enigma


Excellent, you have managed to located virtual Bumble Bee. Unfortunately, the evil revenue are on to us and have sent their agents to track us down in the form of the cone elves! As a result, we have had to adapt and modernise our operations, so we have moved onto the internet and adopted a series of complex codes to add to the fiendish clues of yesteryears. We still need you, however, to stash our bootie and prevent it going to waste on the revenue.
Each piece of bootie will have a code letter to lead you to the next secret web page to find the clue to the next hiding location. At the end you will have 9 letters, encoding the secret message. You must decypher this message to find the secret location of the last webpage and clue to the final hiding place. Only through such elaborate precautions can the cone elves be defeated! So here goes!

I hope it's not wet and I hope it's not cold,
But I'm sure you're as hard as sin.
But if it's too tough and you're not feeling bold,
You can always go bac in.